Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas card 101

Lesson learned...just pay someone else to do it.  I tried to take a good picture of these little rascals, but it just wasn't in the cards this year.  After about 30 minutes of frustration, I decided to go the "oh well, not stressing over it anymore" route.  Saving the 100 bucks isn't so bad either ;)  So here is your Christmas card friends...

Okay so she's pretty precious here and he looks okay (could have smiled a little more), but can't have the trampoline legs and ripped padding in the background!  

Come on Tanner, open your eyes... and Emory Hart, don't look so scared.  He won't eat you.

Oh Tanner, just be quiet and smile.  And put your shirt down Emory Hart!  You are NOT a stripper!

And this is when I thought I may shoot myself!

Okay kids, I know you can't look at the camera right...just turn around and do something sweet.

LOOK at the camera Emory Hart! Tanner... a real smile please?!

Oh Ems, you finally take a sweet pic, but WHERE is your brother?  And why is my shoe in the picture!

Now you get it!  This is when I gave up and headed for my bottle of wine.  Merry Christmas folks!

Emory Hart's 1st Bday!

I can't believe this sweet child is already a year old.  This past year has flown by too fast :(  She is a mess!  Into anything and everything.  I call her "nosy rosy" because she loves to dig through drawers and purses and bags.  When she is awake, she demands 100% attention or else she will somehow hurt herself.  The other day we had a visitor at the front door.  By the time I could let them in, I turned around and she had crawled upstairs by herself and was heading into her bedroom.  Small heart attack!  She still refuses to watch tv.  If she is awake, there is no getting anything done.  As bad as this may sound, I sometimes live for her nap times!  I should get things done during this time, but I usually have to nap myself because she wears me out!  Don't get me wrong, we love her just the way she is and would not change a thing.  She's just a little more high maintenance that her brother ;)  Her nicknames are still evolving.  I think last I updated she was "Lucy".  She's still "Lucy", and I think that's one that will stick forever, but now she's also "Luce" and "Ems".  We were at Premier Rehab for out Christmas party the other day and the other therapists informed me that just because I'm a speech therapist does not mean I should give her every name I can think of!

Her actual birthday was on Thanksgiving day this year.  We didn't have a big birthday party.  Those things just stress this mama out!  I did manage to make her a little smash cake and we had a "mini" celebration at Honey and Otto's house while we were there for Thanksgiving lunch.  


She wasn't sure what to think about her cake at first, but after that first taste of sweet frosting....

she figured out exactly what she should do!

I thought she would never stop!  And it took several of us to get her cleaned up.

At first she was only interested in the bows on her presents.

Then her cousins Lauren and Oliver showed her how it is done.

And she was so excited!

She had fun playing with her new toys, and she loved her new clothes.  She was so funny "trying them on".  She giggled and tried to put her new shirt over her head :)

Thanksgiving 2012

Our Thanksgiving was full of fun cousin time this year.  We started the Sunday before Thanksgiving day at Nene and Papa's house in Bear Creek.  Wade and Stephen were at work, and Kourtney had a sorority event, but everyone else was there.  The kiddos played and played and had a ton of fun.  Then on Thanksgiving day we went to Honey and Otto's for more food and family fun with Otto's side of the family. I think we all gained 5 lbs that week from all the yummy food!

Sweet little turkeys!

Nene and Papa's house

 Honey and Otto's house

Halloween 2012

Emory Hart and Tanner had a fun Halloween.  Emory Hart dressed as a cute little pumpkin, and Tanner was batman. We went trick or treating at a couple of houses, then went to the church for our annual Halloween carnival.  Hill and Harvey met us there, and the boys had a blast playing. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Oxford is covered in pumpkins every fall.  It's just beautiful!  Since Tanner had to miss his school pumpkin patch trip, we took Emory Hart and him there for pictures and to pick out a pumpkin while we were in Oxford last weekend.  It's such a neat place!  

Big 4 year old!

Our big boy turned 4 on September 23rd.  We didn't have a birthday party, but had a few mini celebrations over the weekend.  Much less stressful for this mama!  Tanner got to pick a friend to come home with him from school Friday to play.  He and Burton Potts had such a fun time.  They played so well together, and Emory Hart thought she was just as big as them.  We had too much fun to stop and take pictures.  Then Saturday, we met Hill and Harvey at the new splash pad for a picnic and fun in the water.  The boys loved it.  Saturday night we went to the Pettits for birthday dinner where Tanner opened more fun gifts, including his favorite...a batman suit from Uncle Pac.  Sunday we made cupcakes, and Tanner opened his gifts from us.  This 4th birthday was all about super heroes to this little guy.  He and Jackson Schuler got to have a joint school party on Monday, which they thought made them extra special!  We love you Tanner!  Now stop growing up so fast so your mama doesn't get so sad!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 months old!

It's hard to believe Emory Hart is already 10 months old.  Time flies!  She is such a sweet, silly, wild little one.  Not laid back like Tanner was at all.  She gets into everything.  She hates watching tv.  She gets spats on the hand all the time, but does not seem phased by them.  She loves anything electrical...cords, outlets, telephones, you name it.  She loves to pick up every tiny thing she sees on the floor, especially bugs.  If I look away for a second, I can count on her putting something in her mouth.  Last week I seriously found a roach in there.  Gross!  She knows what she is doing is bad, too.  She looks around to see if we are looking and then takes off the other way giggling when she sees us coming.  
This little lady is crawling and pulling up everywhere, walks along the edges of furniture, and occasionally lets go for a second to grab the next piece of furniture nearby.  No steps yet though.  She did weigh 21 pounds a couple of weeks ago, but is now down to 18.5.  Poor thing hasn't caught a break recently.  She had what seemed to be strep throat earlier this month, got a rocephin shot and took a round of antibiotics.  Now she has bronchitis and is taking another antibiotic.  She is usually a good sleeper and eater, but is neither of those at the moment.  I'm not sure how much is her not having a good appetite due to being sick and how much is her deciding she no longer likes baby food.  She has decided she only likes to feed herself.  We've tried out some table foods over the past couple of weeks.  She's been eating peas, butter beans, fish, french fries, apples, peaches, bananas, and pears.  Oh, and cheese puffs thanks to her big brother. 
She says mama and byebye consistently now, and has also said dada, bubba, and papa.  Her little voice is precious and melts my heart.  I know I have said this before, but I watch in awe when I see Hart with her.  Smitten is not the word.  The picture below shows them dressed alike.  He won't even dress like me!  WHAT?! When we accidently put on the same color shirt he changes.  Now he goes looking for his pink shirt with the purpose of looking like his baby girl.  
Emory Hart has had so many nicknames since she was born.  The poor girl isn't going to know what to answer to.  She was first chunky monkey, then chunky chicken, which turned into chicken wing!  Then she was emmy lou, then lulu, and now she's lucy!  We call her lucy more than we call her Emory Hart.  Don't ask me why, but she knows she's lucy for the moment.  I'm sure it will be something different next month.  We sure love this little girl and think she's the prettiest blue eyed girl we've ever seen.  She keeps us on our toes, but she has brought us such joy!  We love you lucy!