Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Red and Blue Weekend

This past weekend we went to Oxford for the Ole Miss spring game. Tanner made it through the whole game without a fuss. He finally got to wear his sweet little rebel outfit.

Tanner, Honey and Paxton

Tanner took a snooze during the game. I don't know if he'll still be small enough to fit on the bench this fall.

Tanner had fun with his aunt Monnie at City Grocery Saturday night. He really liked his 1st drink of water out of a real glass.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We took Tanner to Jackson to get tubes early Friday morning. He screamed for about 45 minutes in the recovery room, but as soon as we got in our car you never would have known he had surgery. This picture was just before he went back. He and I both were losing our patience with the doctor as he began getting hungry. He was a tough little man!

On Saturday, Sarah and Ann Coleman came to visit us. Tanner was very happy to awaken to Ann Coleman's sweet face. They just stared and smiled at each other.

Here they are kissing. It was too cute. By the way, they are very distant cousins!

Monday, April 6, 2009

6 month check-up

Tanner's 6 month check-up was a couple of weeks late due to his ear infections. Today he went to see the ENT, Dr. Sneed, and his pediatrician for shots. He's getting tubes on Friday. I hope they help!

I've been telling people I thought Tanner was tall for his age. Even some of his long sleeve size 9 month outfits are getting a little short. He weighed in today at 17 lbs (45th percentile) and was 27 3/4 inches long (90th percentile). I hope he slows down because I will be so sad if these cute summer outfits don't fit.