Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for being a terrible blogger lately. We don't have internet at our house right now, but hopefully I can talk my cheap husband into getting it again soon. Tanner loves his new class at daycare. His teachers are great! It took him a couple of weeks to get used to waking up at 7 and taking 2 naps a day (he'd rather sleep until 10 and take 1 nap), but he's finally doing it.
He has just started eating table food and loves it! I'll have to take some pictures of him eating. He makes a huge mess, and Tag stands right beside him to clean up everything he drops. His favorite foods are fish sticks, tater tots, green beans, chicken/turkey sticks, pears, and mac-n-cheese.

Tanner's 1st day of school

Tanner was sweet and cooperative while Mr. Joe gave him his 1st hair cut.

More swimming at Uncle Pac's house. Thanks for the float Papaw and Mamaw!