Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Christmas Pics

Tanner and I had a photo shoot the other night. He showed out for me. At first he loved it, but by the end he was saying "please mama, no more pictures". Hart had to make me stop. Christmas time has been so much fun this year now that he understands what Santa Claus is. He wakes up every morning wondering where his Elf "Snitch" has landed. We can't wait for Christmas morning at our house!

A few more...

...and some more

These two are good buddies. I can't wait to see if Tag starts sleeping with him once he gets his big boy bed from Santa.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Memphis Nights

Hart and I spent this last weekend in Memphis with our friends, Jake and Sarah Pettit. We hadn't been back since we moved in April of 2008 so we were really excited. We went to dinner at Do with Jake, Sarah, Meredith and Denny on Friday night before going to see Robert Earl Keen. He put on a good show and we had so much fun! On Saturday, I got to spend time with Jenny and baby Fort. He was a doll, and Jenny is already skinnier that she's ever been after just 7 weeks. Hart and I ate lunch at Huey's and had our old favorite, the cheese fries!!! They were delicious, but we almost made ourselves sick eating so much. We went to all of our favorite stores and finished up most of Tanner's Santa Claus. Before we left on Sunday, we had brunch with Denny and Meredith at Bronte. Already can't wait to go back! We are so happy being home with family, but miss our good friends and all of the fun things to do there :(

Tacky in Memphis!

Jake and Sarah had their annual tacky Christmas party on Saturday night. We had a blast. Uncle Eddie was the highlight of the night. And of course no night is complete without Sarah singing Copa Cabana, motions and all. Thanks for having us y'all. Can't wait 'til next time!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We love Rico!

Tanner has a new favorite person--his "Unkey Rico". He seriously asks where he is everyday. At night when he says his prayers he prays for his grandparents, his uncle Pac, and "Unkey Rico". It's so sweet. Let's just hope Tanner doesn't turn out like this crazy guy!

You can see Jason trying to escape the picture in this 1st one. Noone wanted to be seen with this State guy! I think his goal for the day was to see how much he could embarrass us. By the way, he was the 1st to bed Saturday night. He couldn't hang with us Ole Miss people. He and Matt had said they weren't staying if they lost. Just so you know Rico, we have fun even when we lose....we're pretty used to it!! Hope we didn't keep you up too late with our loudness.

Egg Bowl

Hart and I went to Oxford last weekend for an engagement party and the Egg Bowl. We left Tanner with Honey and Otto and had a fun weekend with friends. The Popes, Hawkins, Richard, and Matt came up Saturday to tailgate and stay with us. We had a blast. I even got my Christmas present while we were there...and it's the best present ever!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ole Miss vs. Auburn

Saturday we went to our first football game of the season. We usually go to all of the Ole Miss home games, but we haven't been able to make it to many lately. Not that our Rebels are too good this year..... but we always have fun in the grove whether we win or not. It's just nice spending time with our family and friends that we rarely see. Tanner had so much fun and was sweet the whole day. He got a new football from the bookstore and loved getting to play with Presleigh, his namesake's little girl. I hardly ever take pictures anymore, but did manage to get a few while we were in the Grove.

More Grove Fun!

Tanner and Mama
Tanner and Otto listening to the bandGena and me in the Grove
Tanner and his namesake
Tanner and Presleigh (he kept trying to kiss her!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Little Pumpkin

We met my sister and her little boy at the pumpkin patch in Canton Saturday. Tanner and Walker had a lot of fun playing and picking out their pumpkins. We didn't get to do the corn maze because it was so hot, but they had fun on the hay ride and seeing the animals. We realized on the way down there that our little one gets car sick. I've wondered if he felt sick before, but this time it was bad. I did that when I was little and still do sometimes. Guess we will be looking for some children's dramamine before our next trip!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tanman's new school!

Tanner loves his new school and his teachers. I'm that bad parent that did not take his picture on his 1st day of school. He cried so much it probably wouldn't have been good anyway. But he loves it now. Most days he doesn't want to leave when I go get him. He's eating and sleeping good and loves playing with all of his new friends. We couldn't be happier with Ms. Deidra and Ms. Ashley. They are so sweet! I get to see him several days a week when I go there to do therapy, and he's always having so much fun. His Nene got him this cute nap mat, and he loves it! He likes to get on it at home, too! Thanks Nene!!!


We took Tanner to see the goats and cows at the fair last weekend. He loved petting the goats and looking at all of the big cows. He also had his first ride on the carousel. I didn't think I would ever get him off of that horse. Here are a few pics.

Friday, August 13, 2010


July was such a fun month. Hart and I went to the Beau Rivage with the Mayor and Board of Alderman. It rained most of the time we were there, but I shopped a lot and we ate some fabulous food. We also went on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel with our best friends, Jason and Kayla Vance. Then the last weekend in July we invited some of our favorite people (Jason and Kayla, Chip and Rachel, Alan and JJ, and Jason and Gena) and their sweet kiddos to Oxford for the weekend. We had so much fun, and it was a great way to end our summer. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures from that weekend, but JJ and Rachel both have some on their blogs.

Captain's Dinner
Bar in Cozumel

Margaritaville in Jamaica

Hanging out at the piano bar on the ship

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tanner's little buddies

Tanner has had such a good summer so far! He's enjoyed sleeping late, going to Honey and Otto's house for lunch nearly every day, going to the pool and lake, and playing with friends, old and new! He and Jack play together all the time. There's a year age difference between the two of them, but I swear that little Jack is just about as big as Tanner. They wear the same size clothes!

Tanner and Jack in the pool!

Watching Barney sweet :)

Last Friday we met Cortni and Greyson (our new friends!) at the country club for some swimming. Tanner and Greyson were both a little shy at first, but eventually warmed up to each other. We took them to eat Mexican after swimming, and they were a hoot! They both got cheese quesadillas and rice, and by the time we left there was rice everywhere. They thought it was funny seeing how much rice they could get everywhere but in their mouths!

At the pool...
... and at June Jam

Half Marathon....Half Crazy

So I finally ran a half marathon on June 12th. I'm so glad I did it, but will never again run a race like that during the summer. It was extremely hot. Two weeks before the race I had no trouble running my 11 mile run, so I felt pretty confident going into it. My knees were feeling better, too. I went to Jackson Friday evening since the race started so early on Saturday. Lauren and I (and Matthew) went to Amerigo's to load up on our carbs, and I stayed the night with my sister. I could hardly sleep I was so nervous. Saturday morning I woke up and met Lauren (who was running late as usual!) at the Renaissance. The announcer kept telling us all to hurry to the finish line so we skipped one last run to the bathroom, which we regretted later! We lined up with the other runners, had the prayer, then heard a teenage girl gagging in front of us. This was just the first of much vomitting we would encounter on our hot run through Ridgeland and Madison. So we began to run. Before we even made it to mile 1, Lauren and I both decided we would have to use the 1st porta-potty we could find. We had to drink so much water to keep hydrated that we ended up stopping at 3! Lauren was so sweet and encouraging while we ran. I felt so defeated because I knew my mile 6 I wasn't going to make my goal, AND I wasn't even going to do as good as I did in my practice runs. But Lauren kept up the encouragement and even kept a one sided conversation going through a lot of the run, which helped me keep my mind off of how I so much just wanted to give up and take a short cut to the finish line. She slowed her pace to stay with me, too. What a great friend I've been blessed with! She could have had such a better finish time if she wouldn't have stuck with me. I really could not have finished the race without her. When I got near the finish line I saw "my fans" waiting on me (Hart and Tanner, Stephanie and Walker, and my sweet friend Kayla, who surprised me and came)! They were troopers. It was so hot, and they had to stand and wait on me forever!

I've slowed down on my running the past couple of weeks. I've just been keeping up my 3 milers a couple of times a week. We are at the coast right now on Hart's work trip and leaving for a cruise July 10th-17th. I plan to start training for my next half the day after we get back from the cruise. It's in October, so hopefully it will be much cooler and I can have a better finish time. Here are a few race pics.

Waiting on Mama to finish

Here I come...I wanted to cry!

My sweet little family. Tanner made me a sign!

And the best running parter ever! See her big smile! I don't think she ever got tired.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bring on the Summer fun!

We can't wait for summer at our house! I've got two more teacher days, so Tanner doesn't have too much longer before he can sleep late everyday. He can't stand to wake up early in the mornings to get ready for school. I have to get him ready in his bed every morning while he tells me "uh-uh, night-night". He couldn't walk last summer so we didn't do too much, but I'm hoping to plan some fun activites for him this summer.

When they go outside at daycare, Tanner's teacher gives him ice to eat. It's one of his favorite things. He asks me for it everyday. Last weekend, when Uncle Stephen brought a cooler full of sonic sized ice to Nene's house, the Tan-man was in heaven. He and Ally ate and played in the ice all afternoon. Tanner was soaken wet, especially after he sat in the ice. His bottom was so cold. We finally got him inside and had to wrap him up in blankets so he could warm up!

I'm getting ready to run my first half marathon in 3 weeks. I'm really excited, but a little nervous. My longest run so far has been 9 miles. I have a 10 miler tomorrow, so hopefully it will go good. I started out running again so I could lose the end of my baby weight (yes, unfortunately I still had some to lose 1 1/2 years after Tanner's birth), but I've become addicted. It's my escape. Life gets so hectic with a job, a little boy, a sweet husband, wonderful friends that I like to spend lots of time with, errands, etc. But when I lace up my shoes all anxiety and stress melt away. It's just me, my Garmin, God, and sometimes my ipod. It's definately mind over matter, but it feels so good everytime I get home from a run. I've developed a blister on the end of one of my toes. One morning this week I left my house, and my toe was killing me. I kept running and it eventually became numb, so I just forgot about it. But when I got home and took off my shoes I realized that half of my sock was covered in blood. Sounds gross, right?? But no.... I was so proud of my "battle scar" I had to wake Hart up and show him! He thinks my obsession is a little weird. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't. So for now, the half marathon in 3 weeks is my goal. I get to run it with my old best bud Lauren, too. I hadn't realized how much I missed her until I've started seeing her so often lately. She has run a half before and assures me it's so much fun. I guess we will see. I'm already setting my eyes on something bigger than this half, but for now I'll just get through this race! Happy trails everyone :)