Monday, April 26, 2010

I Feel Like Dancin'

Last night we went to hear the 80s band "Jenny, Jenny" at the Natchez Trace Festival. Tanner was really quiet at first and wasn't sure what to think about the loud music. Then he warmed up to everyone and started showing off his dance moves. This child loves to dance! It is hilarious. I don't know who he gets his moves from. Hart and I are neither one big dancers. We can tell him to "do the robot" and he starts swinging one arm like a robot!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun with buckets

We decided to grow our tomatoes upside down in buckets this year. Saturday, we bought some fun paint colors and let Tanner go to town painting the buckets. This was his first painting experience, and he had a blast. At first he didn't like getting his hands dirty, but by the end he had paint everywhere and pitched a fit when he finally had to go inside for a bath and nap. If you ride by our house and see the bright, crazy buckets hanging from the retaining wall, you'll know what they are now. Hopefully we will have lots of good tomatoes for tomato sandwiches this summer!

Busy at work

Finishing touches

Our cute buckets!

Then he wanted to paint EVERYthing!