Friday, May 21, 2010

Bring on the Summer fun!

We can't wait for summer at our house! I've got two more teacher days, so Tanner doesn't have too much longer before he can sleep late everyday. He can't stand to wake up early in the mornings to get ready for school. I have to get him ready in his bed every morning while he tells me "uh-uh, night-night". He couldn't walk last summer so we didn't do too much, but I'm hoping to plan some fun activites for him this summer.

When they go outside at daycare, Tanner's teacher gives him ice to eat. It's one of his favorite things. He asks me for it everyday. Last weekend, when Uncle Stephen brought a cooler full of sonic sized ice to Nene's house, the Tan-man was in heaven. He and Ally ate and played in the ice all afternoon. Tanner was soaken wet, especially after he sat in the ice. His bottom was so cold. We finally got him inside and had to wrap him up in blankets so he could warm up!

I'm getting ready to run my first half marathon in 3 weeks. I'm really excited, but a little nervous. My longest run so far has been 9 miles. I have a 10 miler tomorrow, so hopefully it will go good. I started out running again so I could lose the end of my baby weight (yes, unfortunately I still had some to lose 1 1/2 years after Tanner's birth), but I've become addicted. It's my escape. Life gets so hectic with a job, a little boy, a sweet husband, wonderful friends that I like to spend lots of time with, errands, etc. But when I lace up my shoes all anxiety and stress melt away. It's just me, my Garmin, God, and sometimes my ipod. It's definately mind over matter, but it feels so good everytime I get home from a run. I've developed a blister on the end of one of my toes. One morning this week I left my house, and my toe was killing me. I kept running and it eventually became numb, so I just forgot about it. But when I got home and took off my shoes I realized that half of my sock was covered in blood. Sounds gross, right?? But no.... I was so proud of my "battle scar" I had to wake Hart up and show him! He thinks my obsession is a little weird. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't. So for now, the half marathon in 3 weeks is my goal. I get to run it with my old best bud Lauren, too. I hadn't realized how much I missed her until I've started seeing her so often lately. She has run a half before and assures me it's so much fun. I guess we will see. I'm already setting my eyes on something bigger than this half, but for now I'll just get through this race! Happy trails everyone :)