Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Christmas Pics

Tanner and I had a photo shoot the other night. He showed out for me. At first he loved it, but by the end he was saying "please mama, no more pictures". Hart had to make me stop. Christmas time has been so much fun this year now that he understands what Santa Claus is. He wakes up every morning wondering where his Elf "Snitch" has landed. We can't wait for Christmas morning at our house!

A few more...

...and some more

These two are good buddies. I can't wait to see if Tag starts sleeping with him once he gets his big boy bed from Santa.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Memphis Nights

Hart and I spent this last weekend in Memphis with our friends, Jake and Sarah Pettit. We hadn't been back since we moved in April of 2008 so we were really excited. We went to dinner at Do with Jake, Sarah, Meredith and Denny on Friday night before going to see Robert Earl Keen. He put on a good show and we had so much fun! On Saturday, I got to spend time with Jenny and baby Fort. He was a doll, and Jenny is already skinnier that she's ever been after just 7 weeks. Hart and I ate lunch at Huey's and had our old favorite, the cheese fries!!! They were delicious, but we almost made ourselves sick eating so much. We went to all of our favorite stores and finished up most of Tanner's Santa Claus. Before we left on Sunday, we had brunch with Denny and Meredith at Bronte. Already can't wait to go back! We are so happy being home with family, but miss our good friends and all of the fun things to do there :(

Tacky in Memphis!

Jake and Sarah had their annual tacky Christmas party on Saturday night. We had a blast. Uncle Eddie was the highlight of the night. And of course no night is complete without Sarah singing Copa Cabana, motions and all. Thanks for having us y'all. Can't wait 'til next time!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We love Rico!

Tanner has a new favorite person--his "Unkey Rico". He seriously asks where he is everyday. At night when he says his prayers he prays for his grandparents, his uncle Pac, and "Unkey Rico". It's so sweet. Let's just hope Tanner doesn't turn out like this crazy guy!

You can see Jason trying to escape the picture in this 1st one. Noone wanted to be seen with this State guy! I think his goal for the day was to see how much he could embarrass us. By the way, he was the 1st to bed Saturday night. He couldn't hang with us Ole Miss people. He and Matt had said they weren't staying if they lost. Just so you know Rico, we have fun even when we lose....we're pretty used to it!! Hope we didn't keep you up too late with our loudness.

Egg Bowl

Hart and I went to Oxford last weekend for an engagement party and the Egg Bowl. We left Tanner with Honey and Otto and had a fun weekend with friends. The Popes, Hawkins, Richard, and Matt came up Saturday to tailgate and stay with us. We had a blast. I even got my Christmas present while we were there...and it's the best present ever!!!