Monday, January 31, 2011

The Hunt

Beaglish Poem
by Mike Pollack

Icey black, Daybreak cracks,
Dogs lead men on rabbit tracks.
Nose to ground, Beagle hound,
What a luscious scent I found.
Something furry, Here did scurry,
Spoor is stronger have to hurry.
Grass pressed warm, Rabbit's form,
Bunny here ate lilly corn.
Way up there, Flushed a hare,
Gonna get it have to tear.
Dodging - sneaking, Leaping - streaking,
Both adrenalins are peaking.
Hop and bound, He's gone to ground,
I get to make my hound-found-sound.
Aroooooh, Aroooooh, Aroooooh to you,
I found the hare, he's here it's true.
I'm first - it's me, The hare to see,
Aroooooh it's Snoop, Aroooooh look see.
Men arrive, Pack they drive,
Damn it's good to be alive.
Home ahead, Warm soft bed,
Dreams of rabbits dance in my head.

This past weekend I had the priviledge of going on a rabbit hunt with Otto, Dr. Jones, and the rest of the rabbit hunting crew. I wasn't thrilled about getting up early on Saturday morning, but Hart pulled me out of bed and assured me I'd have fun. At first I was really cold, but once I warmed up and got the right kind of boots on my feet, I had so much fun! Now I see why these guys live for rabbit hunting this time of year. I didn't shoot any rabbits, but I think they got 5. I thought my gun was loaded (Hart told me it was), but when a rabbit ran towards me and decided to sit in front of me, I attempted to shoot him twice only to figure out my gun wasn't loaded after all. Oh Well! I probably would have missed anyway. I think Richard ended up getting him a few minutes later. I think I may have to go again if Hart doesn't mind me intruding on his guy time. I'll be sure to wear the correct kind of pants since I ruined a good pair of jeans this time!

Otto and Hart showing the dogs they did good.

Hart telling the dogs he shot that one.

Hart following the beagles as they trailed a rabbit.

Rico resting. Shh..don't tell anyone. No really, he was sick that day and still went hunting!

Richard hunting.

Hart and Richard watching Otto clean the rabbit.

Otto hunting.

They smell another one.

Hart coming to check on me. He said I was cramping his style at first. But then I got the right kind of boots on and I was in the middle of the water and briars with them!

Pre-boots. I was still clean and hanging out on the lanes.

Jeff, Otto, and Hart getting started.

Otto got one.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is the day that the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

This was my VERY first thought this morning when I woke up. What a great way to start this day! I usually wake up grumpy, with negative thoughts so this was such a nice change. It reminded me of so many things I am thankful for today.

-that Hart, Tanner, and I say our prayers TOGETHER every night.
-that the first thing Tanner wants to do when he is sick is pray together.
-that we love our church and it is Home to us.
-that my sweet husband wakes me up every morning for work.
-that he always gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me before I leave.
-that he makes me coffee and gets out my creamer every morning.
-that he warms my car on really cold days.
-that my sweet Tanner's first words today were "Thank you for washing my blankie mama".
-that he then said "I'm your baby" and laid his head on my shoulder.
-that I have the most amazing job where I get to work with sweet, little preschoolers all day.
-that I have the best coworkers that I can call my friends and actually mean it.
-that I have been led by God to train other women to run.
-that this has been a positive way for me to develop new friendships with girls I otherwise wouldn't have really known or opened myself up to.
-that my parents, brothers, sister, and I are all so close.
-that my in-laws love me like I'm their daughter, and I love them as my own, too!

The Hillster!!!

We had such a fun weekend celebrating with Hill. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures at his birthday party, but I have to say it was the best little 1st birthday party I've ever been to. The decorations were so cute, and the food was delicious. Tanner even got to eat some cake! Leave it to the Hawkins to be so thoughtful and make my little man some egg-less cupcakes!
Saturday night after the party we went to Hill's house to eat and hang out with Rachel's family. They are so sweet and so dang funny! Now I know where Rachel gets her wittiness. Hill was loving playing with all of his new toys!

After Hill went to bed, Tanner decided to play with Foster and Foxy Mama. Last weekend when we were there, Foster ran to the door to greet us and scared Tanner. Saturday night, we were walking to the door and Tanner said "Mama I not like Foster, I like that Mama dog". You can see he changed his tune later that night. He decided Foster was big enough to be a horse and tried getting on his back. Sweet Foster just laid there and let Tanner "ride" him!

He decided Foster was his new best dog friend....even better than Tag!

Sunday was Hill's baptism. Once again I forgot my camera :( Can't wait to see Rachel's pics. Hart and I loved their little church. Everyone was so nice, and we even had a sit down meal afterwards. I'm thinking their church cooks might be some of the best. Sorry Methodist're on up there, too!

Anyway, Hart and I were so honored to be part of Hill's baptism. Chip and Rachel asked us several weeks ago to be Hill's godparents. We are so blessed to have friends that love us so much and trust us to be positive, Godly influences on their child's life. We have loved this little guy for a long time. The ceremony was so sweet, and Hill did amazing. I don't think I'll ever forget the look on that sweet child's innocent face as he was being baptized.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not too much of a SNOW DAY!

Tanner and I got to stay home from school Monday because of the snow and ice. By the time we woke up there wasn't too much left. So much for the snowman this boy wanted to make. We did walk around the neighborhood a little bit on our way to Honey and Otto's for lunch. Tanner was more interested in his pre lunch cheese stick than the snow. We had a fun, lazy day despite the lack of snow. We slept a lot and ate a delicious lunch with the Pettits.

This is when he said "no more pictures mama, i not wanna take a picture!"

Just us 3 (and Tag, too)

We had a nice, quiet night at home Friday after dinner at the Help Desk with Uncle Rico. Hart and I love weekends with no plans where we can just sit at home, watch tv, and enjoy each others company. We did this so often in Memphis, but since we moved back home it seems like there's always something to do. Sometimes it's just nice to be still and realize how much we love just being together, our little family. These times make me realize how blessed I am to have the sweetest husband in the world. He is the best daddy to little Tanner, too. I hope I'm half as good of a mom as he is a dad. If I am then I'd say we are doing alright!

"Daddy, why you have hair on your face?" (He's a little too young to understand what the passion play is!)

Goin to chill with Hill...

Saturday night we went to our dear friends Rachel and Chip's house for dinner and to let the kids play. We got to meet Rachel's best friend from home, Meredith, and her husband Gavino, too. What nice people! We always have such a good time with the Hawkins....and Chips good grilling never disappoints us. Tanner had so much fun playing with all of Hill's new toys. We started to go home, and he was asking to take everything with him! We can't wait for Hill's birthday and baptism next weekend. That sweet boy is so loved by the Pettit family.

Heading to see Hill!
Playing in the ball pit...what a good investment!

Hill kept crawling onto Tanner's back!

Sweet love!

Parade time!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year!

It always feels good to start over with a new year! I've never been big on resolutions....I don't think there's ever been one I've actually kept! But I do have some goals I have set for myself. It's hard sticking to them, but I'm going to try my best! Happy 2011!

We rang in the New Year with some really sweet friends. Here are a few of the girls that were there. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!

Christmas Morning!

Christmas night we spent the night with the Pettits so Santa could set up Tanner's big boy room. I wish I had a picture because it is so cute. He got up that morning around 9:00 and went downstairs to see what all Santa brought him. Naturally his favorite thing of all was a sucker!! This child could live off of candy. He had to take a break from opening presents to eat his sucker. He wanted his chair in the doorway of the living room so he could look at everything else while he ate. He is such a mess! I think he got everything he asked for and much more. We had such a wonderful Christmas. Hart and I decided this was the most fun one we've had in a long time. It's the first one where Tanner kind of understood what was going on. We are so blessed to have this little angel in our lives!

Sweet Mine

Christmas morning we went to see Mine and have Christmas with her before heading out of town. She loves to eat candy so we got her a lot of goodies from Fresh Market. Tanner helped her open each bag of candy, and then he wanted to eat all of it! Mine didn't mind sharing at all though. Tanner loves his great grandmother, and we're so fortunate that she lives so close so he can see her a good bit.

Christmas Eve

We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church with Honey, Otto, and Uncle Pac. Hart was an usher for Communion that night for the first time so it was special. Tanner wore my nephew Will's Christmas outfit which I love! Will is now 14 and several of my other nephews have worn it as well. I wish he could wear it every year. It was definately my favorite of the ones he had this year. After the service we went to Honey and Otto's for dinner and to spend the night. Hart made Yocona sauce to go on top of our filets, and it was delicious!

Christmas with Family!

Here's our little cowboy. He loved his cowboy chaps, vest, and other cowboy goodies he got from Nene and Papa. He ran around all day saying "Pow, Pow, Pow, I a cowboy". I guess we know what he'll be next Halloween! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics that afternoon. I think I was about all pictured out. I'm going to have to get better at using my new camera!

We also celebrated Christmas at Papaw and Mamaw's house in Carthage. The kids had a ton of fun playing together and Mamaw cooked some delicious food.

Tanner opening his firetruck. He can't wait for his daddy to take him on the real firetruck sometime soon!