Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Tanner has had a fun few days celebrating Easter. He's so funny when he looks for Easter eggs. He's so slow and doesn't care how many he gets. He just wants to stop and eat the candy out of each one as he finds it.  We started off last Thursday with his school party. It rained, so the party had to move inside. The kids still had fun though!
Getting ready to hunt for eggs!

Sweet John Christian sharing his candy with Tanner. He was really good at finding lots of eggs!

Time for food. Yum!

Our church Easter egg hunt was Saturday morning at John and Lynn Wiggers' house. This time we practiced before we went! He found a few more but was still more interested in the candy. I think Tanner would live off of candy if we'd let him!

Finding eggs

Checking out his candy

Hill had fun hunting eggs, too. He was so funny. He found his eggs and then tried to put them back

We hung out with little Cobb, too. He's so stinking cute!

Tanner had fun checking out his Easter basket Sunday morning. He was really excited about the Easter bunny this year. We went to church and then ate lunch at Honey and Otto's. I didn't take my camera but he and Honey had lots of fun looking for eggs after lunch.

Then we went to JJ and Allen's house to play on the water slide. The kids had a blast together. Tanner was unsure about it at first, but once he saw the girls do it he decided to join in the fun. Poor Hill had an allergic reaction to his sunscreen so I didn't get any pictures of him. We can't wait to play again. But we are BEAT! It was so hard for all of us to get up this moring. I really needed an extra day of rest :(

Finally climbing up

Harvey loved sliding down!

Watching the daddies play horseshoes

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School Pictures

Tanner had his school pictures taken a few weeks ago. We love his MMO class at First Presbyterian Church. Ms. Deidra and Ms. Ashley are the best teachers. Only a few more weeks, and I'll be picking him up before lunch everyday. I can't wait for our new schedule!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprise Pictures!

My dear friend Rachel surprised me and had Sukie Philyaw take pictures of Tanner for my birthday. They were so cute! I had told her not too long ago that I hadn't had pictures made of Tanner since he was a newborn. I'm "that" parent that just doesn't think to do things like that. I'm the parent his teachers have to call on school picture day to say "um, did you remember it was picture day? we figured you would want him to wear a different outfit". Hart dropped him off on Valentines day to see that everyone else had brought little cards and gifts for their teachers... and of course I hadn't sent anything with Tanner. I'm the one running around on the day of his classroom Christmas party looking for teacher gifts and snacks to send. I do actually think about these things beforehand, but for some reason I always let those days slip up on me. I'm just like my mama about that. Next week his class is having an Easter egg hunt, and I'm determined to be prepared this time! Anyway, with some help from my husband and mother-in-law, Rachel arranged for Tanner to have pictures taken the Sunday I was in Memphis for my half marathon. He's not the most cooperative little fellow when taking pictures, so I was surprised at how many good ones there were. Here are a few of my favorites:

This was Hart's toy shoe when he was little. Ms. Gail has a painting of Hart playing on the shoe around this age. She kept everything!

Being silly.

This boy loves to read books.

This is so Tanner. I'm sure he's asking "but why?". It's so cute when he does this! 

Love this one!

My little baseball player.

Thank you Rachel! You are the sweetest, most thoughtful friend. Good thing I have almost 11 months to think of something creative to do for you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy, busy...

We've had a lot going on lately, and I haven't had a chance to get the camera out too much. I did catch a quick picture of our little motorcycle men this past weekend. Tanner had fun chauffeuring Hill around our backyard. He's excited about taking Hill to Oxford with him this weekend, too. We plan to have a lot of fun!