Friday, May 6, 2011

Double Decker 2011

Hart, Tanner, and I headed to Oxford last Wednesday for a long, relaxing weekend. Hart had a conference there Thursday and Friday, and I needed a few days with nothing to do! We ate at all of our favorite restaurants, and Tanner and I had fun shopping on the square while Hart was working. We invited a few friends to come up Friday to spend the weekend and go to the Double Decker festival. It was a lot of fun. My sweet friend Meredith and I had planned to run the 10k together that Saturday, but I unfortunately had to back out. Morning time is just not my friend these days :(  Jason and Gena ran the 5k, and Rachel and I decided to cheer them on. Rach brought some posterboard up with her Friday, and we had fun decorating signs before the others arrived. Here are 2 of the signs we held to cheer on our friends Saturday morning:

We rode to the 1 mile mark, then looped back around to the finish line so we could cheer them on twice. I think everyone enjoyed having us there to cheer them on. From experience, it always helps to have some extra motivation. We saw several people we knew. I caught a picture of Sam and his superman shirt. This 5k was nothing for our local triathlete!

Here is Jason booking it up the hill to the 1 mile mark. That hill looked killer. It wasn't too steep, but it just kept going forever.

And Gena was all smiles when she saw us! Jason and Gena both got their best times at this race. I can't wait to start feeling good again so I can race with them. It was hard watching and not getting to get out there and do it!

Here's Meredith, my extremely small 20 weeks pregnant dear friend who ran the 10k by herself. Look at that tiny, little baby bump. This is just before she crossed the finish line. Who looks that good at the end of a 10k...and she's 20 weeks pregnant! Her shirt was so cute. The front said "Baby's 1st 10k" and the back said "you just got passed by a pregant lady". And she did pass a lot of people. A fireman carrying 60 lbs of extra weight ran with her part of the way and said she inspired him to keep going! Sorry I backed out Mere. There's no way I could have kept up with you anyway!

After the race, we headed to the square for some Double Decker fun! It was really crowded, but there was so much good art to see and so much good food to be eaten. Makes me want to go back to Oxford right now!

We went home for naps and cool air midday, and then went back Saturday evening to listen to the bands. I didn't get many pictures, but it was a lot of fun!

JJ, Gena, and me. Not sure where you were Rach??

My 2 favorite guys!

Tanner has already been telling us he's ready to go back to "the Oxiford house". I hate I didn't get any other pictures of the kids, but they had a lot of fun playing together all weekend. I think Tanner enjoys being the oldest one a little too much. Everytime I turned around I could hear him saying "No Hill you are too little" or "No Hill you can't do that"! It's going to be funny when little Hill gets big enough to respond to his bossiness!