Friday, August 19, 2011

circus, fair, and friends!

Last weekend we went to the circus in Jackson with the Hawkins and Warringtons.  Hart and I were a little nervous watching the men on motorcycles and the girls hanging and swirling by their hair, but the kiddos had a blast.  I was surprised that Tanner sat and watched the whole thing without asking to leave.  We asked him on the way home what his favorite thing was, and of course he said "eating a hotdog".  Guess we could have saved that $60 and eaten a hotdog out of the fridge, but we had fun with our favorite friends!

The Hawkins family waiting on the circus to begin!

Tanner, Hart and me (Tanner in mid-bite...Mr. Allen's popcorn was a hit)

Harvey watching the clowns!

Rachel and I took the boys to the wonderful Central MS fair tonight.  We decided it was an hour of our life we could have lived without, but the boys had a fun time.  There were only 3 rides for kids, and Rachel and I had to ride with them.  Who would have thought a kiddie ride would be too much for the pregnant girl?  But I don't think Emory Hart was too happy with me tonight.  Maybe I should have  I definitely should have thought it through a little more.  The carousel was okay, the bee ride made my stomach jump just a little bit, but the kiddie roller coaster did me in.  I was terrified, and so was Tanner.  It didn't look bad at all, but as soon as it jerked us around the first curve I knew we were in trouble.  We decided it was time for us to leave at that point!

Tanner and Hill waiting to get on the carousel 

 Rachel and Hill on the bee ride

The scary-kiddie roller coaster 

Tanner was ready to get off fast!

 Riding the carousel one last time

Hill liked riding the horse.

Holding on for dear life!

...and it's time to go home!

 This picture sums up our "wonderful" fair experience!

After the fair, we went to the Hawkins for some yummy filets.  Mr. Chip is the best cook, and we never turn down an offer for him to cook for us.  The boys had fun playing and should crash hard at bedtime tonight!  Hill thinks Tanner is so funny, and his little laugh is the sweetest thing.

The kiddos riding their "horses".  They had just taken off their cowboy hats.