Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The BIG 3!

I cannot believe our little man is already 3 years old.  It seems like just yesterday that we were meeting him for the first time in the hospital.  He is such a joy to all of us, even when he is stubborn like his Daddy and moody like his Mama.  I'm not a huge fan of big, elaborate birthday parties.  However, I have to say it was so much fun planning Tanner's 3rd birthday party!  He loves dinosaurs.  The more I looked on the internet, the more cute ideas I found.  I think Hart thought I had gone crazy, especially since I'm usually the mom talking about how ridiculous parties can be!  Now I understand!  I wanted Tanner to have something special that was just for him before Emory Hart arrives.  I feel like his world is about to totally change so I wanted to make his last birthday party as an only child extra special. 
We had the party at the Country Club.  Our families were there, and so many of Tanner's little friends came to celebrate.  The kids had fun looking for dinosaur eggs, eating "dino" themed food, and helping Tanner open his presents.  We stayed so busy that we forgot to do the pinata! Here are a few of the gazillion pictures I took.

Tanner testing out the cupcakes before we headed to the party

The decorations (a big thanks to my sweet friend Rachel for all of her help!)

The "dino" themed food:
Dino Dogs and Hot Lava Rocks

Stegosaurus Plates and Herbivore Dip

Crater Salad, Cave Mud and Dino Bones

The dinosaur egg hunt:
Raines, Lindsay, John Christian, Tanner, Hill, and Harvey

Kamryn and Caroline

Tanner showing his eggs to Honey and Nene

Hill and Harvey searching for eggs

John Christian, Tanner and Burton

Otto, Honey and Nene enjoying the good "dino" food

Singing "Happy Birthday"

And finally opening his presents...with the help of his friends!


Tanner has been going to Awana at Parkway Baptist Church on Wednesday nights. He loves his little puggles class and looks forward to going every week.  Each week he comes home telling us something new he has learned.  Ms. Sherlene, one of his favorite people, is in charge of it.  When we ask him "who created the earth?" he says "me and God".  He's a little full of himself!  Last Sunday, we were on our way to church, and he said "no, I want to go to my other church"!  Ms. Sherlene and all of the other people there have been so sweet and have made him feel at home there.  We are so grateful that he loves learning about God!