Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween 2011

Tanner decided he wanted to be a cowboy this year for Halloween.  Of course, depending on which day and who asked him, he also wanted to be a dinosaur, batman, and a dragon, too.  This was his first year to actually go to houses to trick or treat, and he loved it.  He came up with a little trick at our friend Gena's house.  This kid is too smart!  He would go in and get candy, then wait until after we were done talking, and say "Hey, you forgot to give me some candy!"  This happened 3 times!  He's a mess, and he loves candy.  He ate so much that night.  I'm surprised he didn't get sick. 

Our church had a fun Halloween carnival the Wednesday before Halloween.  We invited our friends, Harvey and Hill, to come with us.  The boys had a blast eating hotdogs, jumping in the jumper, throwing bean bags, bobbing for apples, and doing other fun stuff.  Harvey was a cowboy and Hill was Bam-bam.  They were both precious!  Harvey's outfit made me laugh all night, and I don't think there's anything more fitting for Hill than to be Bam-bam.  He looks just like him!  This may be his nickname forever.  We attempted a group picture several times, and it just wasn't happening.  They were too busy wanting to play more games to stand still for a picture. 

Hill and Tanner eating hotdogs.

Tanner shooting darts.

The cowboys.  Isn't Harvey's outfit the cutest thing you've ever seen?!

The cowboys and Bam-bam coloring pictures.

This isn't from Halloween, but I thought I'd throw it in with the rest.  Tanner is all into cowboy hats, guns, and boots these days.  You can find him dressed like this with a gun or sword in our house a lot of the time.  So precious!  I don't want him to grow up :(

Emory Hart's showers

Work Shower
My co-workers at the VA and Premier Rehab gave us a shower a couple of months ago.  We had tons of good food, and Emory Hart got lots of sweet presents.  One of our patients at Premier made the cake.  It was adorable.  You may not be able to see it well in the picture, but the top of it had a little baby under a blanket made of fondant.   

Tanner loved eating the fondant balls.  He had his eye on them here!

Our family of 3...soon to be 4!

Finding out that my VA co-workers got the diaper bag I had been wanting!

Friends Shower
Some really sweet friends also gave Emory Hart a shower at Gena's house.  She got some of the cutest little outfits I've ever seen.  We can't wait for her to be here to wear all of these things.  Little girls are so much fun to shop for!  It was so sweet of them to give us a shower for her!

Sweet, little Sarah Potts helped me with the presents.

Some of the friends and family who were there.

My sweet friends who were such good hostesses- Gena Pope,
JJ Warrington, Rachel Hawkins, & Lauren Thompson

Church Shower
Mary Al Alford, Juli Bishop, Alicia Carter, and Kay Dawson also gave us a church shower.  Hart, Tanner, and I love our church family, and it was so special to be able to celebrate Emory Hart with all of the sweet ladies.  They have made us feel so at home there since we moved back to Kosy in 2008.  I know they are all ready to have a new baby in the church.  She will be spoiled rotten on Sunday mornings!

Mrs. Mary Al made this adorable center piece.

Kay Dawson, Juli Bishop, and me- such sweet ladies!

Opening presents- Camille was my helper.

Some of the sweet ladies who were there.

I think it's safe to say Emory Hart is all set up and has everything she could possibly need.  A big thank you to my co-workers, friends, and our church family for all of the sweet prayers, notes, and gifts.  Now if she will just hurry up and get here!  We cannot wait!  She is so loved already.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ole Miss

We've only made it to one Ole Miss game this year, Ole Miss vs. Georgia.  Not that we have missed much as far as the football itself, but we have missed groving with friends and family.  Tanner had lots of fun, and we actually stayed for nearly all of the game.... a record for us!  Can't wait to not be pregnant and go to more next year!