Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's that time...

Country club time!  Sunday afternoon we met some friends at the country club to play and cook out.  The water was still a little too chilly, but the kids had fun running around and playing in the sand.  The weather was perfect.  Emory Hart was a little trooper and didn't mind taking her afternoon nap in her stroller.  We finished the night with Mr. Allen's yummy burgers.  Can't wait for more fun at the country club!

Tanner and Burton before they did a little fishing.

Hurry up Harvey!

 Hill, Tanner, and Harvey eating their watermelon.

Sweet, little Emory Hart was so happy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

4 months

Where has the time gone?  We somehow missed 3 months.  This little girl is growing up so fast :(  She weighs 14 pounds and is 24 inches long.  She eats rice cereal morning and night, and we've tried some bananas and pears.  She takes about 5 bottles a day and is sleeping 12 hours most nights.  Hallelujah!  I think she may be a good sleeper like her brother. She smiles constantly, but goes from happy to mad in an instant.  She's a little spoiled and wants to be talked to at all times.  Hart used to be her favorite person, but right now she just can't get enough of her mama!  She loves watching her brother play, and when she's lucky he spares her a second of his time.  She is cooing a lot and starting to babble.  She has several vowel sounds, and we are starting to hear a consonant here and there.  The Speech Pathologist in me has only tested her once, and she's on the right track.  When Tanner was a baby I tested him monthly, so I guess it's safe to say I'm a little more laid back with her!  She is such a sweetie.