Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a fun Easter this year.  Hart and I spent a lot of time that week at church getting ready for the Passion Play.  I sometimes dread the time we have to put into it, but once we are there we always enjoy spending time with our church family.  It's so good to be a part of such a wonderful play and be able to witness to our community.  Not to mention all of the laughs we get backstage reciting it in all of the different voices.  

We started our weekend with a church egg hunt at the Jones's
 house.  Tanner found a ton of eggs and ate way too much candy.  

We got to see all of their chickens, too.  We've decided 
that Nene should probably get chickens at her house again.

We enjoyed fun fellowship with friends...and eating of course.

Emory Hart had a good time, too.  She mostly 
just chilled in her stroller.

And she finally let a few others spoil her.  She's really picky about who holds her.  But it turns out she loves Mrs. Casteel.

Saturday night Hart and I got away for some adult time at the Alford's house.  We had a great time hanging out and laughing with the Alfords, Carters, and Bishops.  The Easter bunny made his way to our house that night, too, but I forgot to get pics.  Tanner was very excited this year.  For the first time, he was ready to race downstairs to see what he got.    

After church, we went to Honey and Otto's for lunch.  We 
managed to get a family picture for the first time in forever.

Mine ate with us, too.

Then Tanner and Honey looked for Easter eggs.

After a long nap, we made our way to Bear Creek to play at the pond.  We enjoyed riding in the new paddle boat that Uncle Bill and Aunt Susie got for all of the kids. 

Emory Hart and Nene watched us from the pier.

Then Tanner and Nene looked for Easter eggs.

We missed seeing all of the cousins.  It just didn't work out for everyone to be together this year.  We did manage to plan another trip to Bear Creek on Monday to spend time with Isaac, Preston, and Ally Katherine.

After some persuasion to get Ally in the boat, they all had a blast.