Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oxford with friends!

We made a trip to Oxford last weekend with our supper club friends.  Rachel and I headed up early on Thursday, and the others came on Friday.  Our weekend was full of good food and good shopping!  Can't get any better than that.  At times, the house became a little crazy with 5 kids under one roof!  Having 3 little boys who are all learning to share was somewhat trying at times.  Saturday night we finally realized how nice it was for them to head upstairs and play on their own.  We will definitely have to remember that next time.  Can't wait for baby Reid Hawkins and baby Warrington to go with us on our next trip.

Emory Hart and Patton...She was so fascinated by him!

Moms and babes after dinner.

 This is the perfect definition of Hill's laid back!

These boys love for Hart to read to them.

My sweet, blue eyed girl was all over the place.

Hill is completely smitten with Emory Hart, and I think the feeling is mutual.  She would cry when he got out of her sight.  It was precious!  Future couple???

3 little boys eating their breakfast.

This boy loves his baby sister.

Hill and Harvey are going to make the best big brothers...they were so sweet with Emory Hart.