Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 months old!

It's hard to believe Emory Hart is already 10 months old.  Time flies!  She is such a sweet, silly, wild little one.  Not laid back like Tanner was at all.  She gets into everything.  She hates watching tv.  She gets spats on the hand all the time, but does not seem phased by them.  She loves anything electrical...cords, outlets, telephones, you name it.  She loves to pick up every tiny thing she sees on the floor, especially bugs.  If I look away for a second, I can count on her putting something in her mouth.  Last week I seriously found a roach in there.  Gross!  She knows what she is doing is bad, too.  She looks around to see if we are looking and then takes off the other way giggling when she sees us coming.  
This little lady is crawling and pulling up everywhere, walks along the edges of furniture, and occasionally lets go for a second to grab the next piece of furniture nearby.  No steps yet though.  She did weigh 21 pounds a couple of weeks ago, but is now down to 18.5.  Poor thing hasn't caught a break recently.  She had what seemed to be strep throat earlier this month, got a rocephin shot and took a round of antibiotics.  Now she has bronchitis and is taking another antibiotic.  She is usually a good sleeper and eater, but is neither of those at the moment.  I'm not sure how much is her not having a good appetite due to being sick and how much is her deciding she no longer likes baby food.  She has decided she only likes to feed herself.  We've tried out some table foods over the past couple of weeks.  She's been eating peas, butter beans, fish, french fries, apples, peaches, bananas, and pears.  Oh, and cheese puffs thanks to her big brother. 
She says mama and byebye consistently now, and has also said dada, bubba, and papa.  Her little voice is precious and melts my heart.  I know I have said this before, but I watch in awe when I see Hart with her.  Smitten is not the word.  The picture below shows them dressed alike.  He won't even dress like me!  WHAT?! When we accidently put on the same color shirt he changes.  Now he goes looking for his pink shirt with the purpose of looking like his baby girl.  
Emory Hart has had so many nicknames since she was born.  The poor girl isn't going to know what to answer to.  She was first chunky monkey, then chunky chicken, which turned into chicken wing!  Then she was emmy lou, then lulu, and now she's lucy!  We call her lucy more than we call her Emory Hart.  Don't ask me why, but she knows she's lucy for the moment.  I'm sure it will be something different next month.  We sure love this little girl and think she's the prettiest blue eyed girl we've ever seen.  She keeps us on our toes, but she has brought us such joy!  We love you lucy!

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  1. EH IS the prettiest blue eyed girl EVER! And so cute when she and her Daddy match!