Thursday, October 11, 2012


St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Oxford is covered in pumpkins every fall.  It's just beautiful!  Since Tanner had to miss his school pumpkin patch trip, we took Emory Hart and him there for pictures and to pick out a pumpkin while we were in Oxford last weekend.  It's such a neat place!  

Big 4 year old!

Our big boy turned 4 on September 23rd.  We didn't have a birthday party, but had a few mini celebrations over the weekend.  Much less stressful for this mama!  Tanner got to pick a friend to come home with him from school Friday to play.  He and Burton Potts had such a fun time.  They played so well together, and Emory Hart thought she was just as big as them.  We had too much fun to stop and take pictures.  Then Saturday, we met Hill and Harvey at the new splash pad for a picnic and fun in the water.  The boys loved it.  Saturday night we went to the Pettits for birthday dinner where Tanner opened more fun gifts, including his favorite...a batman suit from Uncle Pac.  Sunday we made cupcakes, and Tanner opened his gifts from us.  This 4th birthday was all about super heroes to this little guy.  He and Jackson Schuler got to have a joint school party on Monday, which they thought made them extra special!  We love you Tanner!  Now stop growing up so fast so your mama doesn't get so sad!!