Saturday, December 15, 2012

Emory Hart's 1st Bday!

I can't believe this sweet child is already a year old.  This past year has flown by too fast :(  She is a mess!  Into anything and everything.  I call her "nosy rosy" because she loves to dig through drawers and purses and bags.  When she is awake, she demands 100% attention or else she will somehow hurt herself.  The other day we had a visitor at the front door.  By the time I could let them in, I turned around and she had crawled upstairs by herself and was heading into her bedroom.  Small heart attack!  She still refuses to watch tv.  If she is awake, there is no getting anything done.  As bad as this may sound, I sometimes live for her nap times!  I should get things done during this time, but I usually have to nap myself because she wears me out!  Don't get me wrong, we love her just the way she is and would not change a thing.  She's just a little more high maintenance that her brother ;)  Her nicknames are still evolving.  I think last I updated she was "Lucy".  She's still "Lucy", and I think that's one that will stick forever, but now she's also "Luce" and "Ems".  We were at Premier Rehab for out Christmas party the other day and the other therapists informed me that just because I'm a speech therapist does not mean I should give her every name I can think of!

Her actual birthday was on Thanksgiving day this year.  We didn't have a big birthday party.  Those things just stress this mama out!  I did manage to make her a little smash cake and we had a "mini" celebration at Honey and Otto's house while we were there for Thanksgiving lunch.  


She wasn't sure what to think about her cake at first, but after that first taste of sweet frosting....

she figured out exactly what she should do!

I thought she would never stop!  And it took several of us to get her cleaned up.

At first she was only interested in the bows on her presents.

Then her cousins Lauren and Oliver showed her how it is done.

And she was so excited!

She had fun playing with her new toys, and she loved her new clothes.  She was so funny "trying them on".  She giggled and tried to put her new shirt over her head :)

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